Street & Yard Tree Order Form

Thank you for your interest in getting a street tree or yard tree for your home! The first step is to order your tree. If you are not ready to order a tree, email Darin Crew at to set up a site visit. Please include your address in the subject line (Example: ‘Tree Help 123 Awesome Lane’).

Please note that not all options are available in all areas- also you do not need to fill out your payment information when there is no charge- sorry we cannot change that due to a technical glitch.

Street Trees

  • To get a street tree, you must have a distance of 6′ from curb to sidewalk
  • The trees we select are off the County’s approved list and it is limited
  • Anneslie and Rogers Forge do not have any streets eligible- please select yard tree, or it gives you an error.

Yard Trees

  • Small trees are limited to locations under powerlines or for neighborhoods that have small yards; Ridgeleigh, Towson Manor Village, Harford Park, and Loch Raven Village
  • These are: Redbud, Hop Hornbeam, Serviceberry and Sweetbay Magnolia. 

    Please submit your requests by Sunday September 10th!

After a request is submitted, we will schedule a site visit after closing date in September. You do not have to be present. We will discuss the results of your site visit. If you pay for a tree, and cannot get one, you will receive a full refund.

2017 Street and Yard Tree Order Form

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Note: Street trees are NOT available for purchase for residents of Anneslie or Rodgers Forge. Blue Water Baltimore Staff will work with you to select an appropriate street tree from our available species. 

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