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Blue Water Baltimore advocates for important initiatives at the local, state, and federal levels that are critical to protecting our streams and rivers, ensuring public health and safety, and improving the quality of life for all Maryland residents. Join us in speaking out and be an advocate for clean water issues.

Our Legislative Actions

Maryland’s General Assembly is in session and Blue Water Baltimore is once again working with partners across the state to ban expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam take out containers. In 2018, our coalition, including Trash Free Maryland and Baltimore Beyond Plastics, successfully advocated for a ban of EPS foam containers in Baltimore City; however, a similar ban did not pass statewide. This year, Baltimore Delegate Brooke Lierman and Senator Cheryl Kagan have reintroduced the same legislation, HB109/SB285, to ban EPS foam containers in the entire state of Maryland. Click here for a fact sheet on EPS foam. And take a moment to click and send a letter to your representatives to say you support a Foam Free MD!

Visit our legislative actions page to learn more about our advocacy around stormwater, trash, healthy communities, and trees.