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Help Make Maryland the First State to Phase-Out Polystyrene To-Go Packaging!

Expanded Polystyrene (Styrofoam) packaging is the second most common form of litter in Baltimore and one of the most toxic forms of to-go packaging on the market in Maryland. Remaining one the largest pollutants to enter our local waterways and landfills, exposure to the chemicals in the packaging can lead to increased risk of cancer and continues to be toxic to our marine wildlife.

The Maryland General Assembly has introduced two bills (SB186/HB229) to eliminate the use of polystyrene to-go packaging statewide. Starting January 2018, food service businesses and institutions will no longer be able to serve food in polystyrene foam packaging (cups, plates, clamshells). The bill also prohibits the retail sale of these products in the state.

Help us spread support and send your letter to your representatives today! As we work to ensure our communities are healthy and clean, eliminating foam puts us one step closer to more fishable and swimmable water in Maryland.

Blue Water Baltimore advocates before the Maryland General Assembly for important bills that are critical to protecting our streams and rivers, ensuring public health and safety, and improving the quality of life for all Maryland residents.

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Our Legislative Actions

Our legislative actions are focused on four major advocacy areas:

  • Stormwater

  • Trash

  • Healthy Communities

  • Trees

If you support a clean environment and strong, healthy communities, Blue Water Baltimore needs you to be an advocate for clean water issues at the federal, state and local level. Advocacy is the effort to influence an outcome, the allocation of resources, or the passage of legislation.

Get Involved

Join us and become an advocate for clean water today! Anyone can engage in advocacy as long as they have the right tools. Take action:

  • Promote an issue your social network

  • Call or write your member of congress

  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper

  • Attend a Town Hall Meeting hosted by your representatives

A group of more than 200 supporters gathered in Annapolis at the Rally for Clean Water. Maryland is counting on major clean-up measures to continue our progress toward restoring the Chesapeake and our local creeks and rivers.
Blue Water Baltimore staff, along with more than 200 local supporters, gathered in Annapolis at a rally for Clean Water. Maryland residents count on and stand to support major clean-up measures that continue our progress toward restoring our rivers, streams, and Chesapeake Bay.