Photo credit: Michel Anderson (Courtesy: Green Street Academy)

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In our publications, you can find stories and news from our work to restore water quality and make an immediate difference in the health of your local watershed.

Annual Reports

Fueled by our volunteers and other supporter, our clean water initiatives are advancing water quality protections and empowering a local movement for clean water. Read our annual reports and learn how our movement is fighting for clean and restored waterways in the Baltimore region!

Healthy Harbor Report Card

The Healthy Harbor Report Card is produced by Blue Water Baltimore in partnership with Waterfront Partnership, to raise public awareness about the stat of our waterways. This comprehensive report examines the Baltimore region’s water quality, including determining pollution impacts and how they affect the environment’s ecological and human health components.

Fact Sheets

Our fact sheets provide in-depth information about our community based restoration, education, and stormwater management projects that work towards making a difference and effecting change on the ground.

In the News

Read news articles about Blue Water Baltimore from media outlets in and the Baltimore region. Learn about the clean water movement and stay informed on major issues that are making headlines.