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Exploring Scientific Plant Names Workshop

Learn the history and basics behind the scientific naming of Baltimore’s most common native trees. A single plant can have a multitude of common names; for example, a Serviceberry is also known as Juneberry, Shadbush, Saskatoon, Indian Pear, May Cherry, etc., depending on where you live. Therefore, formal classification of genus and species (ex. Amelanchier canadensis) provides clarity for botanists and horticulturists across the world. We’ll spend some time in the classroom learning these binomials and then take a walk around the neighborhood to practice on our local trees. This class will provide helpful skills for TreeKeepers interested in ordering trees for their own plantings, or to any tree lover who wants to learn more about our urban canopy!

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Questions? Call our Community Forestry Coordinator: 410-961-1519

Blue Water Baltimore Warehouse
2631 Sisson Street
Baltimore, MD

Note: Event photograph by Zoe Gensheimer.