Join us in our efforts to protect and restore Baltimore's waters!

Outfall Screening Blitz

Join our Water Quality Scientists as we search for illicit pollution in our local streams and waterways! During Outfall Screening Blitz events, you will work in small a small team of staff-led teams of trained volunteers. Together in waders, you will walk through through targeted stream segments in order to identify “dry-weather discharges.” Illicit dry-weather discharges are suspicious water pollution that enter the stream from the stormwater sewer system. Community scientists like you will collect water samples at outfalls with a flowing discharge and analyze these samples for different types of pollution.

In order to participate in this volunteer opportunity, you must first take a Pollution 101 and Outfall Screening Blitz training. These classes are held monthly. Please check out calendar of events for dates. For more information you are welcome to email