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Going Green in Greektown

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This autumn, Blue Water Baltimore wrapped up large-scale project and planted 215 trees on 1.2 miles of streets in southeast Baltimore’s Greektown neighborhood. Greektown is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Baltimore, but it’s also one of the least…

Native Plants: Best Choice For Your Garden

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When it comes to choosing plants for your yard, the choices can seem overwhelming. Every gardener, when they first began gardening in earnest, struggled to figure out what plants were the best plants for their gardens. The variables can appear…

Give Up the Bag for Lent

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[Katie Dix is Blue Water Baltimore’s Volunteer Manager. She recruits, trains, and coordinates the many volunteers and programs that enable us to accomplish our mission.] Last month nearly seven hundred sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students at Roland Park Elementary/Middle School signed a pledge to…

Five Plants You Think Are Native But Aren’t

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Because native plants have a long co-evolutionary history with the native wildlife of a location, they are uniquely well-suited choices for the modern garden. In this age of climate-change and habitat destruction, our gardens should do more than just look…

Hackberry: The Best Tree You’ve Never Heard About

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Few native trees are more deserving of appreciation, yet fail to receive it, than the common hackberry. Despite a slightly off-putting name, the native hackberry (Celtis occidentals) has all the attributes that homeowners want: Grows in a rounded, vase-like shape?…

Goucher Connects to Our Watersheds

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On August 28, Blue Water Baltimore hosted nearly 500 students, faculty, and staff from Goucher College for a day of service in South Baltimore. Goucher Connects, a one day orientation event that connects first-year students to each other, faculty, staff,…

Four Ways You Can Prepare for Your Water Audit

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After waiting patiently all winter, our water audit team will soon be back in the field conducting home site assessments! After you sign up for a Water Audit, our staff contacts you to schedule a personal appointment. And if you…