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Make Every Drop Count: Build Your Own Rain Barrel!

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Rain barrels are an easy way for you to harness stormwater, lower your water bill, and reduce pollution in our streams. And, if you build your own rain barrel at one of our workshops this spring it’s an economical way to…

Learn to Prune Trees Like a Pro

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To help you learn how to care for the trees at your home or on your street, we are announcing a series of all-new tree pruning workshops.  These free events will teach you what you need to know, and enable you to help…

Make Your Clean Water Resolutions for 2015

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The start of a new year is a great time for self-reflection and an opportunity to work toward positive changes in ourselves and our communities. Join us in making a clean water resolution for 2015! Here are some ideas on…

Six Great Native Plant Lectures, New for 2015

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Wondering why using native plants in your garden is so important to the environment? Curious about which plants, and planting strategies, are best for attracting birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife? To make it easier, we are offering six great…

Take A Hike in 2015

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Are you anxious to get the New Year off to a good start? Ready to turn over a new leaf, see new things, and be more active in 2015? There may be no better way than with a First Day…

Reporting Water Pollution Just Got Easier

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Blue Water Baltimore’s new Pollution Reporting Form makes it easier than ever to pinpoint the location of pollution using GPS coordinates or a street address. In fact, accessing the form with your smartphone will automatically fill in your current GPS…

Our Harbor Alert Tool Maps Baltimore’s Water Quality

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our Baltimore Harbor Water Alert website.  The new website is a one-of-a-kind design that displays water quality data for Baltimore’s Harbor, rivers and streams in an interactive mapping format. The new site…