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Our Clean Waterways program addresses problems like stormwater, sewage, toxic pollution, and trash. Each of the Clean Waterways programs make a difference in the health of Baltimore’s waterways. Explore the list below to learn more about what we are doing and how you can get involved.

Water Audit Program

We created this program to help property owners understand the impact their land and home have on water quality. Blue Water Baltimore works with homeowners to access and implement projects that reduce pollution and utilize rainwater.  Click on our Water Audit Program page to learn more about:

  • Rain Barrels: Setting up a rainwater collection system is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reduce water bills and minimize pollution.
  • Tree Planting: Baltimore has only 27% tree canopy. We help residents plant native trees to filter polluted runoff, air pollution, and cool our neighborhoods.
  • Rain Gardens: This type of landscaping captures rain runoff from your home, reducing the amount of polluted runoff that winds up in storm drains and streams.
  • Conservation Landscaping: You can rework your property’s landscaping to reduce pollution and improve the local environment.
  • Pavement Reduction: Blue Water Baltimore can help you install modern pervious pavement that allows rainwater to naturally soak into the ground, a process that naturally filters water and recharges groundwater supplies.
  • Downspout Disconnection: Learn how you can keep trash and chemicals out of neighborhood streams by redirecting your downspout to flow into your yard or garden.


After completing a training workshop, participants “adopt” a 1/4-mile section of a stream near their neighborhood, walking their sections of stream biweekly to keep an eye out for any problems and to identify restoration and clean-up opportunities.

Blue Alleys

Learn about our newest program to help reduce the amount of polluted runoff that flows into neighborhood streams and Baltimore Harbor.  We are converting traditional alleys into alleys that actually clean our polluted stormwater!

Baltimore Harbor WATERKEEPER

Check out our WATERKEEPER program to learn about how it contributes to clean waterways in our community!

Clean Water Community Initiative

Twenty Baltimore neighborhoods are working towards cleaner water and a healthier, more engaged community by implementing small-scale stormwater projects.

We invite you to Get Involved in our work!

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